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The Cambridge Public School District pledges to educate its 7,000+ students (PreK to Grade 12) with rigorous, joyful, and culturally responsive learning and personalized support to result in postsecondary success and engaged community members.

When you volunteer with Cambridge School Volunteers, Inc. (CSV— because we're a nonprofit partner of the public schools sharing its goals—you’re bringing that vision to life. In most cases, you're adding to the differentiation of learning for a single student or small group.  The impact you have on student success is high due to the structure, supervision, and training that CSV staff provide, and to our close collaborative relationships with teachers.

Through CSV’s more than fifty years serving Cambridge kids in all grades, we know that the power of relationship is key—that your caring and commitment can have a significant effect on a child’s academic trajectory. That's why we ask for at least a one-semester minimum commitment from volunteers, and for at least one hour per week. 

We offer both in-person and remote volunteer opportunities in school year 2021–22.

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