Tisch Summer Fellows 2022


Application deadline: January 28, 2022, 11:59 p.m. ET.
All application materials will be reviewed after January 28.

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Tisch Summer Fellows program. This page is a supplement to our main landing page and hosts the descriptions for fellowship positions.

To access the current list of 2022 TSF positions, select the "Internships" tab from the menu above.
+ Once you are viewing the internship list, you may search by location if you select "causes" and then choose the city of your choice.
+ If you choose to search by an issue or advocacy area, you might miss a site of interest if it wasn't tagged with all possible themes.
+ Positions will be added through the very beginning of January 2022 so check back for more in the coming weeks. (They will be listed at the end of this page.)
+ Rely on position descriptions rather than tagging to indicate if work will be hybrid, in person, or fully remote. Very few options are fully remote for 2022; however, there are some.

As you review the position descriptions, you will see a description of the project and tasks to expect, required/preferred skills and experience, the primary learning outcomes, and name of the person to whom you may address a cover letter. Each applicant may submit materials for no more than three (3) positions.

Most positions will return to in-person work for 2022. Exceptions are noted. For organizations that do not indicate whether the position will require a fellow to work in person or remotely, assume in person and during the interview, we will confirm. Some partners were not able to make the determination at the time of our application period.

Note: In order to be eligible for Tisch Summer Fellows, you must be enrolled during the fall and spring semesters prior to the summer of intended participation.

POSITIONS ADDED on 1/13/2022:
+ AllStar Code
+ City of Medford Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability 

POSITIONS ADDED on 1/4/2022:
+ Seven Letter
+ Reservoir Strategies
+ Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance
+ Students Learn, Students Vote
+ Association to Benefit Children

POSITIONS ADDED on 12/23/2021:
+ Madison Square Boys & Girls Club Foundation

POSITIONS ADDED on 12/20/2021:
+ New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (Greater-Boston)
+ US Department of Defense, CAPE
+ J-Street (NYC)

POSITIONS ADDED on 12/16/2021:
+ MGGG Redistricting Lab (Boston)
+ Big Brother Big Sister of Eastern Massachusetts

5 People | 1 Impact | 16 Hours