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Welcome to the Tisch Summer Fellows application.  This part of your application consists of filling out basic student information, ranking your fellowship as your first, second or third choice, answering an essay question, and uploading your resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript (TUSM, Friedman and Cummings students do not need to send in a transcript)

Do not begin this online application until you have all of this information ready to submit.  The essay question is outlined on the Tisch Summer Fellows web page and needs to be unique to each Fellowship that you apply to. 

Personal Information


If you answered "Yes" to question 12, please respond to the question below.

If you responded "No" to question 12, please skip to question 16

If you answered "Yes" to question 13, please respond to the following question.

If you answered "No" to question 13, please skip to question 16

Placement Information

Supplemental Documents

*If you are a TUSM, Friedman or Cummings student, you do not need to submit a transcript